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Development from 1 to 74 Warriors l Развитие с 1 по 74 физика

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Welcome to the world of Desperion😊

I will give a small instruction on character development from level 1 to 74. Do not judge strictly


When choosing a profession, keep in mind that skills after the 3rd profession can be learned only by printing knowledge. (example: You have made yourself a profession of Warcryer, then the COV can be learned only for 4 seal of knowledge, without any additional subjects)


How did you decide on the appearance of your character and, of course, with the future profession (although this is not so important here, because all skills can be learned from any profession), let's proceed to the development plan, in this case, consider the Warrior.
Let's get ahead of ourselves, that the basic characteristics of all are equal to 1 (these are Int, Str Dex Wit, etc.).

When entering the game, you will be prompted to choose which kingdom to swear to, Aden, Goddart or Giran. This is strictly your choice. Which one you choose, for this one you will defend your interests in the future😊 Of course, it will be possible to change the kingdom later.
Information on this topic
is HERE.  (clickable). Further, in your backpack there will be items to facilitate development, namely:

- Novice Knowledge Seal (20 pcs)  image.png.dacaf37ee1fe509f2015bc97616a3e56.png An essential element for your initial development. 

- NG weapon image.png.b5bce0fee42620306c3cc410fb74d5b4.png (choose which one you like) 

- NG Light armor image.png.bc46de1d913ce003614bf32ad4e98adc.png

- NG Jewelry image.png.3085438ef36cdde8070dd0ccf6b89fea.png


- NG soul shots image.png.cc5a740b31ed98eaf86a53753ae488c4.png in the amount of 6000.  (you can go through another quest from level 6) just below it is written where to get it.

- image.pngmore on that later.

  D grade ammunition and all subsequent grades can be found in Giran . NPC image.png.0f6b618cbf3332cb60762bf8c6cf644c.png and image.png.0323e830692ce723f302cb45338a9326.png.  Against the wall, on the right side of the GK.

We take up arms and immediately begin to pump the character.

Native skills of your race, and then professions are learned automatically.

Because warriors from the start will suffer from a lack of accuracy and thus miss the monsters, the advice of the day is to hit with skills. By the way, information about the use of skills will be very important in PVP!!!
Running ahead. On the server, PVP is configured in such a way that regular hits do not cause much damage to the enemy, and the battle goes on !!!exclusively!!! on skils.



This guide to the study of skills and their order, I do not bear responsibility😊 Everyone's choice.

All passive skills can be learned to start at level 1. (these are light passives and weapon passives) AT THE BEGINNING WE LEARN A BEGINNER FOR SEAL (those given from the start of the server) DO NOT FORGET TO FOLLOW THE LEVEL OF SKILL WHEN LEVELING.

P.S These skills, which will be described below, are learned for 2 printing levelsimage.png.4ce7c98e2dab79084a2e01ef94c3bba3.png and for the beginner knowledge seal image.png.dacaf37ee1fe509f2015bc97616a3e56.png.

P.S.S Some passives, such as light, heavy, weapon mastery, can be learned at level 1. Then they will increase defense and attack.



Learning skills from level 7:



image.png.7f1ed3abd02a3bff306280cf80ff4b41.png Passive attack skill (from Orc shaman)

image.png.4e8c4b2f87e28c634c6bb5a9975d355d.png Passive skill for defense, attack speed (from Orc shaman)



Learning skills from level 20 to 39:



image.png.5ebcc1fbb255c070a610b0fa388c9282.png  Passive attack skill (Human Cleric and Kamael)

image.png.d70f54383bcdd4c309470fa4a874e315.png If you play as a Tank (want to run in heavy), then we learn from Orc Mage and PP !!! (will give attack speed) + to light passives

image.png.e433d61121f17c312337d8b178137128.png Passive defense skill, attack speed (from Human Cleric)

image.png.41df10cbbebd52cd8f2d3029a21c8882.pngActive skill (from Man - Tank) (+ pdef)

image.png.6e092c7ef5ec3c28792eb4dd31358c1a.png look at the skills of the magicians !!!!! (They can be learned much later so as not to waste seals) !!!!! (I would say what is needed later. But I describe what can be learned at this stage)

image.png.b82789f96c2c8c2f366a51b58e5824b0.png  attack and run speed (from People (TH)

image.png.4596f04daf8dbeb9b4c393a04e5c03de.png Active from Kamael (+ chance and crit power). P.s. Replaced with image.png.a5bd2165c9622a0ff9e514bf2cf2d0aa.png and image.png.e058a27b0af0e0ef6d007183719704cd.png .

image.png.2b274d9e6478ede146728bbc2b9fd093.png Frenzi (Orc - Titan) (+ attack) P.s. Replaced with image.png.da72f92c715243b060d4d6678dceb58d.png.

image.png.0be7c39458608585c0f91aa3416a0abc.png on running speed (Orc Tyr) (I advise you to learn for the first time, you will have to run a lot😊)



  Learning skills from level 40 to 51:



image.png.627ac00f41bbe6eb4402e7d0d25d2a5d.png  From the database and from the SH. Your initial debuffs that will make your life easier in farming RB, Kamalok, etc.

 image.png.050d279aaa0a12f89baa06ba62773189.png We learn passives at level 1 to start (from mages, tanks and kamael) It is not necessary to learn right away !!! If there are extra seals or magicians get you)))

image.png.6b3c89c3c2552323f4b127f31ea90307.png From Knuckles (+ attack speed + accuracy) We replace the previously studied Wolf.

image.png.8c253cbb8d3d1ae84afd97aa76161d0d.png Active skill (Spearman) (+attack speed)

 image.png.b1269d0a1a4b451a742a78a8e910bd26.pngSongi (SwS) (+ running + crit chance + mdef)

image.png.5c401a2e382135442a3db63e1baff131.png Dancing (DB) (+crit power + accuracy)

image.png.941148939fd5d150684bc601c5962ad7.png asset from the Crafter (your choice, depending on what weapon you will be with)

 image.png.5b43d530b60ec77526f894b6637a7c0a.pngactive from Crafter

image.png.1afe2457b38fe6f12d7948e3755a0c10.png we are slowly starting to learn buffs from Varka. (why from Varka to buff your friends in a party)

image.png.dc1ff1931d8775f0fa62aa6a78d45c29.png Chance and crit power from Knives.

 image.png.2a8c6a02148ac78769a6c63140adcab6.pngattack speed (aura will be in passives) and light passive will add a run from Brass Knuckles

image.png.d518fa248291de4e1b6974d921881310.png We learn if we run with a knife! From a gnome. (+crit chance)

image.png.eb56580dd728fe6078a41afecd44a547.pngIf you decide to shoot from a bow, we learn from a lukar) + speed attacks

image.png.0ec74dda2cb4554e4b1af6867c9695f4.png from a dark tank (aura is transferred to passive) (+ pdef)

image.png.0c8dd1d2d8238fd96eb5c45220da3e10.png Auras learn passive from Kamaels (+ run + attack speed + reflex)

image.png.8889b4d7adb591a67cac0113001c15d6.png Also learn passive from Orc mages (+attack and pdef)



Learning skills from level 52 to 60:



 image.png.2a415ad17748f339ceec6f5f2ad74124.png dancing (DB) ( + attack + attack speed)

image.png.5a4f0c6f7d16a7d25e555100f754bf3c.png  from Warc (+ attack)

image.png.d14fbf5f5bbf8511b0939a4f35459ba5.png from Kamael (+ HP)

image.png.9d15e0cba131ed318b40c38694f21a75.png learn Bless (from cat breeder) (+ chance and crit power)

image.png.31c44088240a58159ced24306c7617d6.png Song from SVS (+ pdef)



Learning skills from level 62 to 75:



image.png.da8d1f0ab343673de6581e0c1b03cb97.png + attack speed from the silver ranger

image.png.c2bbd2be03825a406416912800aa64c9.png From hunger (+ attack speed)

image.png.52c14e7e8013ac4214a34606f8387d89.png From Orc Tyr (+ attacks speed + running) We replace the previously studied Puma.

image.png.d99d1ca847805f501c9e459b168a5928.png Vampiric (+ glutton from monsters) !!!By the way, the vampiric also works on bow!!!












We swing further to level 19.

Why 19, because the experience will not go further for you. Skills from other professions also do not forget to learn a lesson. What and when to teach will be described below!


It's time to take rebirth. Open Alt + B --- Rebirth and reborn. You will be teleported to the starting location (to the gremlins). And as you have already noticed, you lost the D-grade Rebirth Artifact (1pc) and received a Rebirth Coin in return image.png.c20db72509a615fa6dee8fc026a170e9.png. The Characteristics Editor window will appear. If for some reason you closed the window, then you can find it Alt + B --- Rebirth ---- Characteristics Editor. And so, because You suffer from misses, then we increase the first characteristic image.png.b8c0a410d600cfa07727cba88f0e7b77.png . Again we swing up to level 19 (choose places for pumping yourself). Next, click again rebirth. Information on how many rebirths you still need to do in order to get to level 20 and pump further can be found in Alt + B --- Rebirth.



I'll run ahead! Important information about reincarnations!


Therefore, think in advance how and what to learn, but for a comfortable start, I will write you down what and how to do :)


One more important information!

Characteristics can be changed at any time, for any situation in the game.

To do this, you just need to have

 image.pngCoins can be obtained from RB of a different dimension (Marshal, Prophet), Clan Missions, and also bought from NPCsimage.png 

He is an intermediary between the "elites of the kingdoms", selling rare goods. After killing the RB of another dimension, the "Prophet" will appear (with a 60% chance) in Giran, near the stairs (in the corner). Stay time is 60 minutes.

We raise the accuracy characteristic "ACC" to the value "5". Those. make 5 rebirths.

The next thing is to pumpimage.png.2ad0346aa829b5f5337fab974f972797.png 

In the first couple, the value "20" is enough.

After reaching 10 rebirths, you will be able to pump over level 20, but again, the limit is only up to level 39.

Artifacts of Rebirth of the D grade will already be used here. , which you received at the start image.png.19f94c8ed52291fadbedde823e536e00.png.(you need to do 30 rebirths to move to the next grade)

And by the way, when you get your first profession, you will be given a wonderful skill image.png:) .

Its level will increase up to your level 76 inclusive. (Automatically) (at 20 40 52 61 76).


VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! Ammunition should be worn in one grade !!!


Starting from the 40th level of mobs, the player must be dressed in at least D grade ammunition, that is, a set + helmet and boots (gloves) + weapons, jewelry saves from the magic of mobs and pvp, but it is better to be dressed in grade in grade (mobs 40-51 means ammunition C grade) so that there is no penalty for farming


In order not to fall into the mud with your face in the process of further pumping😊, you should slightly change the equipment to D grade.


We teleport to Giran and on the right side of the wall there will be NPCs (beautiful). We buy a Light Manticore Set from the last one (boots, top and bottom), as well as gloves and a helmet of a brigantine (further, all D items will be needed for further grade). It will cost 100,000 adena. And we buy weapons from the same NPC. Exactly the one with which you will play, because.
then it will be needed to upgrade to the next level. It will cost 150,000 adena.

And the neighboring NPC sells jewelry. We buy, 75.000 adena costs a full set.

Result: 325,000 adena for full equipment in D grade. Don't forget you also need adena for D grade nipples and sharpeners ^^,


Next, let's take a look at the gear bonuses when enchanting.

Sharpening your ammunition !!!Very!!! Important!!! to improve performance, so I advise you not to skimp on sharpening)


Answers to some emerging questions:

In case of unsuccessful sharpening, the item DOES NOT BROKEN, but simply resets to 0.

With the improvement of ammunition C, B and A, the sharpening inside the grade is not reset

(example: if you enchant Low C, then when improving ammunition, the enchantment is not reset, but when switching from C to B and from B to A, the enchantment is reset to zero)

Sharpening during the Upgrade of the remaining grades of ammunition is NOT SAVED!!

You can buy enchant scrolls from NPCs  image.pngimage.png   in Giran.

Another NPC is standing next to him.image.pngimage.png.He can exchange ordinary enchant scrolls for Blessed  .image.png

Blessed Scrolls have a higher enchantment rate!!!


Information about sharpening your equipment and their bonuses.

When enchanting armor, you can get bonuses, each +1 enchantment improves bonuses
Maximum enchantment to get a bonus from Armor and Jewelry +15, Weapon +30
Armor Enchantment: all armor bonuses of any grade are the same
Weapon Enchantment: all weapon bonuses of any grade are the same
Jewelry Enchantment: all bonuses in each grade increase






Having reached level 39, we press rebirth and the level is reset to level 20. At the same time, it teleports to randomly from three possible locations for pumping.

This time you will need to pump another +30 respawns. Information on the number of rebirths will also be in alt B --- Rebirth. In the process of rebirth, download this characteristic

image.png.b78287f0a1dd93b309be44228d3be34e.png to the value "15". By level 40 (i.e. when you make a total of 40 rebirths) it should look like this:

 image.png.c2f7c7ed409a9fd9d7ed0d8f0742d3a0.pngimage.png.24191fa6a4600b060c739491d16218b9.pngimage.png.f234ca26ed57337dfa4ef2a7c3fe3378.png .

Further, having received 40 lvl and the opportunity to pump further, according to all laws, you need ammunition of a higher grade, i.e. C (low grade). We go to the NPC in Giran and see what is required. Namely, be prepared to collect:


Adena image.png.08215b4b78dde77d223593ce99b6f010.png in the amount of 250,000 (for armor) and 200,000 (for weapons)

Learning the skills we need with the help of Seals of Knowledge image.png.cf5651f4fd025b15e16d30c8ad0b1f68.png1 lv. and image.png.555fcd5611256092049d759d3657f638.png2 lv.

Drop level 1 seals starts at level 20.

2 seal levels are acquired by synthesizing a Shard

image.png.f2ecc582fe4f834a9305ceed74bf5ee6.png 2 level with seal image.png.60abc4ee2d6bdf3a569c3e269d89e88f.png1 lv.

The 2nd shards themselves drop from level 25+ monsters.

Open inventory and click the button  image.png.15441def0c7cfcfcbbfc86770a832fe5.png synthesis.  image.png

Synthesis is chance. Print may not be synthesized.



For completing Clan Missions, you can get important goodies for yourself and your clan in the form of a reputation that you will need!!!


Having reached level 40, having studied the possible skills (if you filled the seals and fragments), do not forget to go to Kamaloka and the labyrinths of the abyss


It is located in Giran, behind the GK (NPC teleporter).

The rollback of instances is 5 hours, regardless of whether you closed them or not.




We continue to download rebirth. For this we will need


It can be bought in Giran from  image.png


Artifact fragments are obtained by farming monsters of the grade you need.

Example: You need an Artifact from the grade, so the fragments will fall from monsters of level 40-51+, etc.

What will be required for the subsequent grades of Artifacts, you can find out directly in the game itself.


This time the limit is up to level 51 and you need to make another +30 rebirths. And we also collect further on Ts ammunition. After all, there is also a top C grade. In principle, you can already start exploring the Armor and Weapon Upgrade Shop yourself (I remind you, it stands in Giran against the wall, on the right side of the teleport)As for what characteristics to study further.We raise the first 15 rebirths on the level 40 grade

image.png.ef9162e3bb2c5896fc6827fa0cc6cce3.pngup to the value "15" respectively. Next 15 rebirths image.png.89ee66b3743016f1f0a404b07d838a96.png.


While leveling, farm resources to upgrade your armor/weapons. (information where to spoil resources\pieces can be found here CLICKABLE !!!! <===== 


By the end of the chain of rebirths 40-51, the stats look something like this:




As there will already be top C armor and weapons, it will be possible to think about the B grade. There may be questions about where to get Black Market Coinsimage.png.70856c068b0ff3b09050d62afea6fd70.png

And black market coinsimage.png.70856c068b0ff3b09050d62afea6fd70.pngbuy fromimage.pngimage.png  image.png.  




As we dressed up in low B grade, we can safely go to pump our characteristics (rebirth) further.

The next chain starts from level 52 to 60 and with 30 rebirth.

This time we need


In the process, we farm top B grade ammunition. And don't forget to close the Instance Zone. image.png


Characteristics by the end of the rebirth of the chain 51-60:




Don't forget to learn skills!!!! (what to learn and when, you can scroll below)


And here we come to level 60!

Further the chain will be from level 60 to 75. (number of rebirths: 35)

The artifact we need this time A gradeimage.png.  If anything, then fragments for the Artifact fall from monsters of level 61-75.


As top B has been collected, it's time to think about A grade equipment.


If you have reached this point, then I think you have learned a lot about the server, what and how.


There will be a lot of questions about the A grade of crystals and gemstones for upgrading equipment.

You can farm them in B-equip on 20-30 mobs (2 stars will be them). Or buy in the store



image.png !!!Do not forget to close instance zone.!!!


By further pumping the characteristics, I think you will figure it out yourself. I tried to tell you what would be better for a comfortable start.



 Learning skills for 3 seals of knowledge image.png.afe7bf0a7ee08c0f657fd344c912c688.png from 58 to 74 level:

3 seals are obtained by synthesizing 2 seals of knowledgeimage.png.5f5707104eb20f3c2b73187608e42afc.png and a fragment of the 3 seal of knowledgeimage.png.8ef1bf10b238ebbc79624ee8d563b95c.png.

Seal 3 shard drop starts with monsters 76+


image.png.9aeee887ea15b27e99a242c32fdc51f9.png Dances from DB and SVS (+ crit power, physical attack, attack speed and pdef, mdef)

image.png.a5bd2165c9622a0ff9e514bf2cf2d0aa.png from Glad or image.png.e058a27b0af0e0ef6d007183719704cd.png from Destra. He and he gives a physical attack (a variant from the destroyer, probably better with a blunt weapon). Important!!! They replace each other!

image.png.0ea96b801cae0e847c5de34e8934013b.png from any Tank (+ physical attack and speed attacks)

image.png.0a3e696defacbf7962ef850abf15f9cc.png from any Summoner (+ physical attack and attack speed, cast, ability power)

image.png.2273355b27b26b3ae4dd5f36b1ac2ccf.png from Orc Tyr (+ pdef + mdef + attack + crit attack power)

image.png.da72f92c715243b060d4d6678dceb58d.png from destra (+pdef) is replaced with image.png.2b274d9e6478ede146728bbc2b9fd093.png.

image.png.50c49a5c025e3433f9ffe3221e571646.pngIcon from Paladin, Zealot from Tyr or Destr (used together)


In principle, with skills up to 74 lvl, everything. This is the main thing to learn! See for yourself the rest! 😊

P.s. at 74 you can go to knock out books for combo buffs.   image.png.85a6a42acab49e002b0957f31c75b208.pngimage.png.aaf7b63b4e3313c782408131a4b72837.pngimage.png.1c34937f5f408b4cbadeae08080a238c.png




Exp zones:

1 - 19 Kamael Territory - Nornil Altar

20 – 39 Gludio territory – Anthill

40 - 51 Oren Territory - Ivory Tower

51 - 60 Aden Territory - Battlefield

61 - 75 TOI 1st floor, catacombs 70+


Information on server items:

image.png.11e3ea461ccbd437a98eaaddf4908af1.pngAdena (from all monsters)

image.png (from the Diamond Rush event) and chests of another dimension

image.png(drop starting from level 20+ monsters, all events)

image.png (by exchange with the NPC Deton in Giran), as well as Clan Missions

image.png(farm in catacombs and necropolises image.pngimage.png.b9b3b04276a643ed6073d1c197d18bab.png  and by exchange at Deton in Giran)





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