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Rebirth l Перерождение

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Character rebirth was done in the form of a constructor of basic characteristics

A new character appearing in the game will have basic characteristics:




You can make 40 rebirths for free, for the rest you need to buy special Artifacts, which are sold in Giran from the NPC Master Desperion




All information about the current rebirth,
as well as about the necessary items can be obtained by going to the Rebirth tab in alt + b





Upon reaching a certain level, the player will be asked to make a rebirth, with the consent of the player receives
image.pngCoin of Rebirth and teleport him to a location to level up.

If the player does not respawn, then the experience stops.


If you made a mistake in choosing a characteristic, thenimage.png the coin of rebirth can be returned using a coin of another dimension
it is mined from the RB of the Other Dimension Marshal and Prophet, they appear every hour


STR / INT / WIT / DEX / CON starting from 60 require 2 Rebirth Coins per 1 click

CHA from 30 requires 2 respawn coins per 1 click

LUC from 25 requires 2 Respawn Coins per click, from 50 requires 3 Rebirth Coins per 1 click

pAtk / mAtk / pDef / mDef starting from 25 require 2 Rebirth Coins per 1 click


The rest of the base stats require 1 Rebirth Coin.


image.pngShards of Ancient Artifacts can be obtained from mobs equal in grade to the desired Artifact

for example C grade - mobs 40-51



also, to learn skills, you need the book Ancient Book of Knowledge 1-5 image.png items for it are sold from NPCs , as well as knocked out from mobs 


Ancient Artifacts of Knowledge:



The Lost Page of the Ancient Book of Knowledge
 image.png1-6 parts
Each page has its own location:

1 All mobs 80-85
3 with less chance of LOA ,SOA , with more Necropolises and Catacombs
4 with less chance Necropolises and Catacombs , with a large Farm zone 1 (EG)
5 with a smaller chance Farm zone 1 (EG), with a large Farm zone 2 (Harnak)
6 with a smaller chance Farm zone 2 (Harnak), with a large Farm zone 3 (Astatin)




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