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Server Specials l Особенности сервера :)

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Topic will be updated...

So, let's start with the fact that I want to introduce you to instance zones (in addition to Freya, Zaken, Frintez).

Located in Giran near the stairs. We talk to him.image.png



What are "Rings of Summoning"? You can get them by exchange. Open ALT+B then image.png

image.pngDrop keys from all level 80+ monsters.


             ===>INFERNO <===

As you entered Inst "Inferno", you will appear on the island of "people". Within the walls of the village, 4 Raid Bosses with guards are waiting for you (where without them).

Initially, the most important drop for you will be stones:


We will need them to buy the missing weapons and ammunition s84 (Verpes, Elegy and Low, top weapons), as well as jewelry.

Also, in the drop there will be a lot of interesting things for a further upgrade) for example, recipes for desperion ammunition.

In more detail with the drop, I think you will get acquainted directly in the game itself.



===> Epic <===


Entry here is only for a group of 2 people. Epic bosses (inst) Valakas, Antharas, Ant Queen, Baium, Zaken will be waiting for you there.

The drop is more than delicious. What about protection, what about the Republic of Belarus themselves. There are recipes for desperion and weapons and armor low + top s84 and epic jewelry .. In general, you need to see it yourself :))



===>Faction War <===


When creating a character, you will be prompted to choose a side: Aden, Giran or Goddard.

Here your journey will begin :) As well as protecting your kingdom and increasing your reputation in the Battle for Power ^^, you can read here Events - Battle for Power (clickable).


So, in the expanses of the Lineage world, you will meet players of other factions (they will differ in auras), you will understand who is yours and who is not :)) so, we immediately destroy the enemy :))

For killing a player of another faction, you will receive image.png 

(example) it could be Giran or Aden. Depending on which kingdom you are :)

By the way, coins are very useful to us. After all, for them you can buy various items.


Appeal to NPC Deton 




That is, you can buy both for the coins of Goddard and for the coins of Giran, Aden. But you will receive coins only from 2 factions, of course) After all, it is forbidden to kill your own faction.

In the store in the main items to increase the% of received EXP, SP for killing monsters.



===> CLAN QUEST <===


Joining a clan at the start is mandatory. Why ?

The most important thing isimage.png to open the clan menu and from the bottom right corner 




Missions are different, respectively, and the rewards are different. And you will also increase the Reputation of the clan and your personal reputation. We will also need it during the game.


I would like to highlight the most important mission, we can say in the early stages of the game, this



These things can be sharpened. When sharpening gives, for example, T-shirts for +15  image.png


In general, do not pass by the clan :)))


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