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For a long time, the lands of the world of Desperion were in the possession of monsters, it is time to clear this world of unfriendly creatures! Gradually, kingdoms began to appear that claimed to conquer the whole world, these were the kingdoms of Gludio, Dion, Orena, Giran, Shutgard, Innadril, Rune, Aden, Goddart.
In a tough fight
with many valiant victories, dastardly conspiracies and ordinary accidents, three kingdoms remained: Giran, Goddart and Aden.
Players have to go from a novice knight who will protect the interests of one of the three parties, and also do not forget about their personal motives for choosing a kingdom. The struggle for power in the world goes on at every level of life,
any choice can lead to unexpected results.
Aden - is the richest kingdom, it has most of the resources at its disposal. Here everything is bought and everything is sold.
Goddart - cunning rulers are in power, who, with the help of various manipulations, gradually seize lands and resources
Giran  - due to cohesion, courage and creativity, builds an alternative world to Aden and Goddart

Each server opening is one of the chapters in the development of the world of Desperion, where the players themselves create the history of the server.


1. Rates


GvE х20   Exp 

GvE х20   Sp

GvE х5   Adena

GvE х5   Drop

GvE х5   Spoil

GvE х5   Raid Drop

GvE х1  Quest



   image.png   Adena

 it is extracted from mobs of 1+ level

   image.png Premium Coin


   image.png Rare Diamond
mobs 20+

   image.png Event Crystal


3. Premium account






Server Features: (links to guides)

Basic Guides

Guides from Players




Alt+b Community

  • Premium Store
  • Combat Pass Store
  • Shop for Rare Diamonds
  • Event store
  • Thrift store 
  • Exchanger
  • Changing the appearance of the character
  • Sharpening Of Weapons, Armor, Jewelry
  • Teleportation to all top locations
  • Purchase of SP
  • Inventory
  • Expansion Warehouse Expansion
  • Registration for the siege of the Castle and Fortress


  • Resp RB from 2 hours depending on the level , no experience with RB
  • Getting the 4th profession and learning skills
  • Personal shop for rare Diamonds  adena , the maximum number of cells for sale and purchase is set
  • Attribute to weapons gives an increase of 2, to armor 3
  • The attribute gives a significant increase in damage and defense, it is difficult to knock it out, but you can buy it in the store or craft it
  • The minimum level for rebirth is 85
  • Penalty for experience +20 lvl  -5 , drop and spoil 15
  • Inlaid items (LS) can be transferred, thrown away and sold.
  • Olympiad Friday-Sunday; Heroism is issued every week
  • Nobless is issued for the murder of RB Barakiel (80 lvl)
  • Sieges every week
  • Maximum sharpening increased to 55
  • Auto CP,MP,HP (.acp)
  • Learning skills in alt+b
  • Multi-attack on all types of weapons
  • Offline bafer in Giran .buffstore


information is being updated



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